About Our Visual Talent Agency

Galleri SoHo has created 

N. E. S. M. A Talent agency which is the 1st in Scandinavia to represents and promote talents in Visual arts exclusively.

We represent a small group of top talent visual art entrepreneurs worldwide .


“Our mission is to promote the appreciation of arts and design, building bridges, and creating new movement lead by integration.

By opening unique meeting points for cultural exchange for

local and international artists and designers in different parts of

Sweden, arranging traveling shows, and

participating/organizing international exhibitions and fairs.

We have Permanent Spaces in Sweden Two Spaces in Västerås City centre:

SoHo Art Shop: For Handcrafts & small artworks

Galleri SoHo: Showroom for Art & Design

Planning to open a branch in Stockholm.

By doing all these activities we are promoting Västerås city as a new destination for arts.”


Artist or Designer?

Would you like to be represented by us?  We would love to hear from you