AUSTRIA / Vienna / 04.06.2023 Josef Polleross by Sebastian Lutz ©Josef Polleross

Josef Polleross is an Austrian photographer with a diverse background in artistic and journalistic photography. Born and raised in the Waldviertel region to the north of Vienna, he later became a cosmopolitan photographer, living in various places such as New York, Cairo, and Bangkok. He is currently based in Vienna.

In the 1980s, Polleross started his career as a photojournalist in New York, working with the photo agency JB Pictures. His work gained international recognition, appearing on the covers of renowned publications like the New York Times, Washington Post, Life, Newsweek, Time, Geo, Stern, and Spiegel. He covered political and social events around the world.

Over the years, Polleross shifted his focus primarily to artistic photography, specializing in the classic format of the triptych. His Triptychs have received acclaim through various exhibitions in Austria and abroad, and his photo books have been well-received.

Some of his exhibitions include:

  • 2023: Vienna Museum, MUSA BIG CITY / SMALL FORMAT: Vienna in Postcards
  • 2023: Aknoon Art Gallery, Isfahan, Iran – Online Exhibition on the Occasion of World Architect Day
  • 2022: Bucharest Biennale photo-installation “Nature in the City”
  • 2021-2022: World Museum Vienna, “..from Afghanistan” – photos in the exhibition from 1987-88
  • 2020: Art Gallery Kish, Iran – Book presentation “A view of Iran during the month of Ramadan”
  • 2018: Bukarest Photofestival – Solo exhibition “Non Objective World”
  • 2016: “eyes on” Month of Photography in Vienna – Exhibition “Wirran,” Photos from Iran
  • 2015: Silkroad Gallery, Tehran – “Triptychs and Photopaintings” and Artist in Residence in Tehran
  • 2014: Photo Vienna MAK, Vienna – “Triptychs and Photopaintings”
  • 2012: Jewish Museum Vienna – “Vienna Today 2012,” photographs of contemporary Jewish Life
  • 2008: La Lanta Fine Art Gallery, Bangkok – “Triptychs from Thailand, Vietnam, and China”
  • 2006: AIT (Asia Institute of Technology), Bangkok – “Land of the Thunder Dragon” photographs from the Kingdom of Bhutan

In addition to his exhibitions, Polleross has published several books, including “Bangkok Panorama,” “Triptychs,” “Jewish Life,” “Coming and Going, Jewish Life in Transit,” and “Thailand Triptychs.”

His extensive body of work reflects his experiences and perspectives from various corners of the world, capturing both the cultural diversity and the essence of the places he has visited. More information about his work can be found on his website: