My name is Marion Engemann. I started painting in 2014 because I needed a gift, and the person I was gifting to wished for something self-painted. Using books and self-teaching, I got to know the world of painting. Because painting fascinates me so much, in 2021 I decided to pursue a two-year study at the Freie Kunstschule Köln, which I completed in 2023 with a diploma. From 2019 to 2023, I exhibited in Hürth, Brühl, Dießen am Ammersee, and at the “Art ROOM” gallery in Düsseldorf.

My motto is “If it succeeds in evoking a feeling when looking at the paintings, preferably a positive one, then everything is achieved!” In July 2022, after several years of construction, my studio “die 13” was opened. This also enabled the creation of large-format paintings. I paint in watercolor, acrylic, pastel chalk, oil, and create woodcut prints with different themes. My paintings are not only abundant in flowers and landscapes but also figurative, both in a classical and abstract form.