Frauke Seemann

“We’ve been fascinated by your stunning and powerful abstract art research where forms and colours create such intense and emotional results. We reckon your art will bring new and creative stimulations to this exhibition; your works reveal their power through the force and the brightness of colours, through the different effects of forms, the textures, the pictorial matter, the magnetic energy from the pictorial sign which spring from the canvas. In your paintings imagination and creativeness are released through the flow of the living and acting forces on the canvas, the interaction of spaces, forms and colour connection, taking them beyond to their physical limits.”
(Paola Trevisan, July 2009, international curator, Estense Castle – Ferrara Italy)

Frauke Seemann grew up in Moers, located on the Lower Rhine, near Holland.
She studied ethnology and art in Berlin, and following that, studied German, art, and sports education in Flensburg, upon which she received her first state examination for teaching. Finally, she studied visual arts in Kiel, receiving a degree in painting.
Since 1992, Frauke Seemann has been living and working in Cologne, having traveled extensively in Europe, Mexico, the U.S., Belize, and Guatemala.
She has received numerous scholarships, including from the following: the Künstlerhaus Schleswig-Holstein, the Werkstatt Plettenberg, and Nord-West Lotto, which also included an artist residency in New York for three months.
Her works can be found in a variety of private and public collections. She has also exhibited her work continually in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Brussels, Netherlands, New York and South-East Asia.
Since 2002 she also worked as an art and German teacher in school, reaching her second state examination for teaching.
Now she lives and works in Cologne, Germany, and Groningen, NL.
(Translation: Louisa Schaefer)