Carin Munther

Artist Carin Munther paints colorfully and symbolically.

Her paintings have many stories in them.

Stop by for a while and you’ll find the one that’s yours!

Carin is inspired by life’s events, meetings with people, life’s destinies, feelings, poems, words, among others (Transströmmer, Martin Lönnebo)

In her paintings you can find a spirituality, a search for the essence of existence.

The paintings may raise questions within you.

Good then! Continue to marvel at the beauty and fragility of life.

Every year, you are welcome at the open studio during Christ’s Ascension weekend in Carin’s cozy studio and course house “Bildsmedjan” in Steninge.

In the meeting with Carin and her images, your own inner images and inspiration are awakened to get answers to inner questions.

Carin’s motto is “Let the image show the way” and Enjoy your Now” Thank you. The answers are within you.