Born in Backnang, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
university studies in Tübingen (French and German languages), Aix-en-Provence, Munich
1996 career change, free artist, studies arts and paintings by Prof. Hans Schlegel (Stuttgart),
Prof. Martin Schmid (Tübingen), Prof. Rolf Thiele (Académie Galan, France) and
Bundesakademie Wolfenbüttel, Germany,“ the other masterclass“2000 artist member BBK (National Association of Artists, Germany)
2005 Atelier CSE, Schwäbisch Hall Germany
National and international solo- and group shows

Christa Schmid-Ehrlinger
“Searching” is a central concept of my artistic expression. So I create my objects and paintings by searching: movements, playing with fixed signs, graphic elements, traces, “constructed” randomness, and striving for form. I am fascinated by materiality, unique material, threads, and strings And then: Materials find their ideas, and ideas find their materials. In my artistic act, I understand and practice in a symbolic way the connections, orders, and relationships between things.
Therefore: Painting is searching. It is moving. It is writing your own signs. It is moving in your inner life.
It is wrapping around, linking up, making gestures and rhythms. The way of proceeding is the way of
transformation. Life is: To transform oneself and to be transformed.