As the daughter of horticulturists growing up on a nursery, my view of the natural world was always to be found
within a manmade framework: acres of glasshouses, cold frames, potting trays and neat rows of potted plants
provided structure and composition.
However, within this order can be found elements of chaos: ferns growing out of a drain, a bramble emerging from a
pipe while fallen leaves drift across a manhole cover. Again, these manmade elements form an almost decorative
structure where nature still finds a way to survive.
Camille Pissarro wrote “Happy are those who see beauty in modest spots where others see nothing.” To me there is
just as much beauty in the symmetry of a greenhouse, the ornate design of a manhole cover and a patch of moss as
there is in a flower border or a landscape. This unassuming and overlooked relationship between nature and the
manmade lays the foundation of all the art I make.