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The knowledge of these has been acquired by learning from the leading practitioners in the world. For Christer, passing on knowledge is central and in his studio photographers have learned the practice. Today, he is responsible for the graphics workshop at Konstnärernas KollektivverkstadVästerås, in addition to his own business in Borgåsund. Christer is also a member of the Center for Photography and the Network of National Responsibility for Photography in Sweden. Christer Törnkvist participates in the exhibition with three images that have a photographic starting material from simple analog cameras. Photogravures have then been produced by the artist himself.

Christer Törnkvist was born in 1959 in Södermanland and started with photography and darkroom work at the age of ten. Now he lives in Borgåsund in scenic Strömsholm. Early on, he found it difficult to choose between a scientific and an aesthetic future. It was both parts, after a doctorate in the border area between chemistry and physics, he took a Phil. in art science and photography, part of which was at Valand College of Art. Christer’s interest lies in investigating the relationship between memory and landscape. What is it about that makes us imagine a part of nature as a landscape? His work has been exhibited in and outside of Sweden and is represented by public and private collectors. In his works, materiality has a meaning and therefore he is close to the art and craft movement from the late 19th century. For the past 20 years, Christer has practiced historical photographic processes to obtain the expression he seeks.