Hello, everyone! I’m The Healing Artist, Vicki Loper! I am an artist, healer and spiritual teacher. A fun combination, don’t you think? When I was in college, my favorite professor taught his students how to lower our brain waves to Alpha, the most relax and creative state in order to enhance our creativity. Enhance it certainly did! It opened my
mind to the universe and taught me to use the spirit world to essentially channel my art!
WOW! And it keeps getting better and better. This is the technique I am teaching on my channel. I also, teach the practical art techniques that I use. A combination of both techniques, which is the way I create and have for many, many years. Please join me
so that you understand, learn and use this magical mind set to create! YouTube: The Healing Artist, Vicki Loper. Patreon: The Healing Artist
Short Bio
I am a prolific internationally recognized artist beginning my art journey at age 11 with Ruth Mogford an acclaimed artist. Then continued my studies in art at the University of
Texas in Austin.
My paintings are in numerous private collections across the United States and Europe.
My work has been shown or purchased by commercial entities such as the State Capital of Texas, Laguna Gloria Art Museum in Austin, Texas, the Opera House in Grapevine, Texas, Shady Brook Resort, Taos Canyon, New Mexico, Point Venture Resort, Lake Travis, Texas and St John the Divine, Houston, Texas, Corpus Christi’s National Monument and Museum on the Bay-USS Lexington in the “Lone Star Navy Exhibit”.
I have had numerous one person shows and have participated in multiple art shows over the years. My work has been represented in galleries in New York, Houston, and Santa Fe. My first Best of Show was awarded to me at the age of 14 competing with 50
artists all adults. My first job out of college was illustrating children’s books for Southwest Educational
Development Laboratory in Austin, Texas, I continue to illustrate.
 Large paintings and murals have always been a part of my repertoire and grace the walls of museums, private residences, and businesses across two continents. Recent works, two large murals can be seen aboard Corpus Christi’s National Monument and
Museum on the Bay-USS Lexington in the “Lone Star Navy Exhibit”.
My Native American Chief Portraits came to me in a dream. I was called to a council of twelve Chiefs seated in a circle. They asked me to paint twelve Chiefs in full regalia and
paint baron landscapes to be placed in between the Chiefs to represent what had
occurred in Native American society over the past several hundred years. It took 6
years for me to complete this collection. The show has been shown in Taos, New
Mexico and Grapevine, Texas. I now offer prints for purchase on canvas or metal.

Spiritual works, Angel Feathers, Angels, Madonnas, Saints. Painted with iridescent paint and a few fine sparkles.
 Artist Statement 
Art is a creative expression of life coming through me from the Universe. My art is about
joy, beauty, culture, the Universe, and Magic!