Sjoerd Bras

Throughout his career, Bras has undertaken notable commissions, including a monumental sculpture standing 8.5 meters tall at the entrance of the Johan Willem Friso Kazerne in Assen. Collaborating with his wife, Henriette Dingemans, also an artist, they have adorned walls in various public institutions, leaving their artistic imprint across Rotterdam and beyond.

In 2006, Bras relocated to Huizen, where he resides with his wife and son. Despite facing health challenges, Bras has persevered, returning to his art with renewed vigor. His talent has been recognized through prestigious exhibitions, including showcasing his work at the Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle and becoming a member of the artists’ association Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam.

Sjoerd Bras, born in Voorburg, The Netherlands, has been captivated by art since childhood. At the age of 10, he began attending the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK) in The Hague on Saturdays, igniting his passion for artistic expression.

Following high school, Bras immersed himself in drawing and painting, studying intensively with teachers in Laren. His dedication led him to pursue further studies at the KABK in The Hague, where he honed his craft. Subsequently, he secured a spacious studio, enabling him to fully immerse himself in his artistic endeavors.

In 2022, Bras achieved further acclaim as a finalist for the Arte Laguna Prize, with his work displayed at the Arsenale in Venice. His artistic journey culminated in a solo exhibition at MoCA in Venice, organized by Arte Laguna and MoCa.

Bras’s figurative style delves into the realm beyond reality, exploring the intangible aspects of existence. His use of color carries emotional depth, guiding the viewer through a spectrum of feelings. While his paintings often boast large dimensions, Bras also finds inspiration in smaller-scale works.

Intriguingly, Bras incorporates stones into his paintings, drawn to their mysterious allure. Inspired by ancient stones found on the heath, he infuses his art with their enigmatic symbolism, weaving narratives that transcend time and space. Bras’s deep connection to these stones is evident in his books on the subject, available for exploration on his website.

Through his art, Sjoerd Bras invites viewers to ponder the unseen forces that shape our world, offering a glimpse into the profound mysteries that lie beneath the surface of existence.