Charlotte Falk

Charlotte Falk explores life through her art. She lives in Uppsala, Sweden, and is the chairperson of the Swedish Artists’ Association. Charlotte Falk is represented with public art
and exhibits in various locations in Sweden, as well as in exhibitions in New York, London, Paris, Florence, Nice, and Tokyo. She uses different media and techniques in her paintings, where color and form are essential to her artworks. Charlotte often paints vibrant, abstract, acrylics on canvas, sometimes incorporating silver, sand, or other natural materials to add an extra dimension to her work. In her paintings, motifs occasionally emerge, leaving their
interpretation to the viewer. Some art critics have regarded her as a colorist and even a poet, as the fields of color take the viewer on journeys through emotions and imagination.

Artist Statement
With color and form, I want to evoke thoughts and emotions and invite dialogue. Painting is about feeling, seeing, exploring, and taking care of life, a constant journey of exploration.
My focus is on themes such as identity, nature, and society. Creating is about letting go of control, immersing myself in the process, freeing myself from the intellect, and giving space to the heart’s voice. It is a playful and serious process that results in something lasting
that I want to share. With my language of color and form, I want to invite the viewer to feel, think, fantasize, and be touched. I want to create a dialogue between the viewer and the
artwork to evoke emotions and reflection.
My artistry is about creating space and place for all of life and our emotions, both conscious and unconscious. It is also a part of my interest in existential questions and health. I use my