Karin Frendberg works as a textile artist and has worked in her own studio since 1983. The studio is located in Korsberga outside Hjo.

Over the years, Karin Frendberg has worked in various textile techniques. For a few years now, she has been concentrating on embroidery.

It is noticeable that Karin draws a lot and then it is textile technique that is close in expression. The craft tradition makes itself known and mixes with and enriches art. Karin follows her intuition about what will be good and what the image needs to get the expression she strives for. She prefers the expression of the real material. There are thin, gentle glossy lines, a shimmering brittleness that gives the image an inward light.

Karin embroides with fine silk yarn on linen.

Member of Nordic Textile Art and BUS.