Susanne Arvidsson

I go out to different schools and have something called cultural free time where children can simply paint with all kinds of materials that are not available in schools otherwise

I, therefore, get a lot of inspiration back from my students, who become incredibly creative when they get a chance with good materials, my knowledge, and tips after my 46 years with paint and brushes.” Susanne Arvidsson.

“I have painted pictures since a young age. Since I have worked as an artist full and part-time throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to test a lot of different materials and styles/ways of expression and this has led to great knowledge in this subject.

I have the privilege of working at a large cultural school where I have a special position as an art teacher.

This particular position came about on behalf of the State Council for Culture, and after the end of the project, the result of my work was so great that the position became permanent.