Daniela Bahry

Daniela Bahry is an Edmonton-born Artist and lifelong creative inspired by all things in
nature. Her northern star is to continue to spread joy through her Art.
Daniela considers herself blessed that she can express herself and work in a field where what she does is what she loves waking up to do every day!
Art has been a part of her lifelong journey finding many styles of creativity in the forms of choreography, editing music, drawing, designing skating and dance costumes,
among other artistic pursuits.
Daniela found her way back to her love of, “the fine art of painting” just a few years ago after years of working in a realm of more commercial creations. She
attributes her daughter, who may be instinctively recognized that after the painting class, her passion for acrylic and oil painting would be rekindled.
Daniela Bahry is an award-winning active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists since 2020 and she is a volunteer on the Board of the Edmonton Chapter to help spread the word about the incredible talent in the community.
In 2021, Daniela realized that collaborating with the local community was a great way to support small businesses and promote the talented artists in the Edmonton and
surrounding area. The Budding Art Collective was started by Daniela and 2 of her art friends. This group has grown to 50+ artists all collaborating and supporting each other
with a variety of small businesses and academia.
Spreading the love of art in all it’s forms throughout the community is and will allways be Daniela’s passion..