Robert Oldergaarden

My name is Robert Oldergaarden and I have worked with what I love, since the late 80s. äThen I came as an apprentice
Orrefors Kosta Boda and got to learn all about the techniques, glass, and materials of the oldest and most skilled artists, designers, and glass masters.

Their knowledge passed with me when I transform the glowing glass mass into new unique glass objects.

Here are many stories that feed my imagination. Among other things, the
huge hoard of Arab silver coins like my
ancestors plowed up on a spring day. You can look at the treasure
Kalmar County Museum but also reflected in my art. One of my grails is actually called the Viking Age.

My partner Maria Milton Loheden also lives at Oldergården and daughter Carla, both share my zest for life. But limestone underfoot, the open sky above the fields, and
the sea outside, I light a fire in the cabin and continue to create. This is wealth to me.

From an apprentice, I went on to become a teacher at Orrefors Glass school to today work as a freelance artist in my own glass cabin on the farm.

My farm Oldergården on Öland has been passed down since 1700 and holds everything I need. Cabin, studio, workshop, and an environment that inspires me every day.