Jens Marcus Mottré

My interest in art and history started early, think I was 8 or 9 years old when I went alone to the National Gallery and Historic Museum in Oslo.
At the age of 18, I went to Sweden to study in an art school, and after 5 years of studies I got a job in a commercial company but I missed my way of making pictures so after 12 years I left the “graphic design life” forever.
Then after one year in an isolated art school by the sea; things started to happen and I went to New York for 3 weeks and made the discovery of Rothko and Motherwell had an exhibition at Guggenheim.
By the way..I have been to Peggy Guggenheims private home during a trip to Venice as a student. One of my teachers had contact with her and she was kind enough to let us students visit her home. Fantastic to see all the famous artists in a private home and my discovery of Calder, magnificent!
The isolated year in the “art school by the sea” and the dramatic surroundings made my focus of creativity and gradually I disappeared into my own work and tested all kinds of materials. A fantastic year and some of my best works got me on to the first step of myself, mostly in simplifying.
When you as an artist are exposing yourself to an audience and critics you must be prepared for every kind of reactions.
Applause are stimulating but even criticism are accepted when it is constructive and perhaps fair. I have learned not to neglect all arguments that´s not in my favour. The worst is to be ignored.
But as an artist I have to create and believe in my own ideas and presentations and to be prepared for whatever following situations.
Jens Marcus Mottré