Ingrid Duch

In my work as an artist, the story is essential. I am a figurative painter. 
Through my experiences and travels, I have formed figures that to me are the archetypal element, of which human life is built. I am fascinated by literature, painting that speaks loudly through centuries. Humans have not altered in a degree that it need not the stories of its own possibilities and goals. With these thoughts I form my artistic language, as a modern artist.

Ever since my graduation, I have tried to obtain residencies, to work with inspirations from other countries and cultures. Fascinated with both the similarities 
and different ways of forming a life, and how the connection with other Gods, nature, and man is explained. From the strong simplicity in the animal drawings in ancient caves, the Egyptian Gods, and the many strong symbols in Native American
civilizations. Focus on the connection between man and nature is getting still more urgent, we are of equal importance that is the reason motives, and human/animal figures are essential in my work.

Everything in our life is changing our surroundings. The environment is challenged by our very being, but we ourselves are still humans, most of us without the capacity
of real influence on anything other than our very humanity, and the need to put ourselves in a context has not changed. The strength from the universe we know so well can still be formed and told today.