Pepe Kremer
born in 1960 in Venezuela and live in Germany
grew up, school years, apprenticeship as a book printer in the southern Black Forest
civilian service in Rosenheim / Upper Bavaria
Carpentry apprenticeship
Head of the producer gallery Couleur in Rosenheim
owner of the joinery Buntwerk in Stephanskirchen
married, 4 children
Solo exhibitions:
Werkgalerie Hochwart, Reichenau Island (2016); Ottobrunn Art Association (2019)
Goldsmiths Fiedler, Murnau (2019); AK68, Wasserburg, Ganserhaus, (2021)
member exhibitions, AK 68, Wasserburg, 2017, 2019, 2022.
The meaningless occupation of the surroundings changes the view on all things. Where the
pursuit and achievement of the spectacle leave us breathless, we are touched by understanding
and tranquility.
In my photographs, I try to give the incidentals of everyday seeing the attention they contribute to
the beauty of the whole.
Even if a photograph is reproducible as a print, the motif as such is always unique and a reflection
of the present moment. Thus, the real artistic feature of these photographs is to discover the
element on the spot and capture what makes this detail art. It is my concern that the viewer
recognizes the everyday reality behind the abstractly depicted and can draw conclusions about his
own visual habits.
Finding the distance to the panorama in the detail and withstanding the overwhelmingness of the
totality. It is a great joy when I encounter motifs that in their arrangement, colorfulness, or structure
could also have been created on a painter’s easel. Or walls that seem to have been abruptly
repaired or mended by someone, with a wild gesture or careful meticulousness, only to leave them
suddenly and unfinished. Thus, these images are incidentally also the inversion of the genre of
I usually process the raw data only to get a better print result, the motifs themselves are not
I have my photos produced in the studio FineArtService by Martin Weiand in Rosenheim on matte
photo paper in pigment printing. The sizes are adapted to the motifs.