I have been working as a glass artist since 1989. I am working in the field of art and design. I cut glass and made my art with different techniques. Nowadays I work mainly with sculptures, which I make by glass mosaic technique. I cut every glass piece with my own hands. The working process is very very slow, but I enjoy that a lot.

I am fascinated by the vividness and sensitivity of glass. Simplification and strong colors are evident in my works. Besides the colors, a central theme of my works is nature and the dialogue of life and death.
The light and shadows give deepness to the glass as well as the joy and sorrow that gives taste to life.

Minna Tuohisto-Kokko is living in the village of Koskenkorva in Ilmajoki, Finland. She has had numerous
exhibitions in many galleries and museums in Finland and abroad. She is a member of The Artist Register of
the Artists’ Association of Finland, The Finnish Designers Ornamo, Kuvasto, Konsti Art and Design
Association, Finnish Glass Artist Association, Ostrobothnian Artists´ Association, and Taiko-Finnish Art Online.