Sandra Lee Gustavsson

Sandra Gustavsson was born in Canada in 1961 but is currently living and active in Sweden. She has been active since 2017 in the local art exhibition during the Easter weekend organizing local artists as well as participating in several local exhibitions.
Her artistry involves the exploration of our senses and feeling, space and the environment, and shapes, and formation using texture and colour. The artist has a special
interest in the synergy between how our senses engage when interacting with tactile objects.
Gustavsson inspiration often comes from nature and outer space, and it is important to her to capture light, highlight perspective, and to create movement. The mediums
she uses vary depending on an internal need. Oils, watercolors, clay, putty, wood, photography, and acrylics have figured prominently.
She continually develops her artistry by testing new styles, techniques, and materials to create tactile 2-D and 3-D sculpture-like pieces of work.