Hafliði Sævarsson

Hafú is a painter, illustrator and author. He studied art at the Reykjavik School of Fine Arts, LPCUWC in Hong Kong and Art History at Universiteit Utrecht in the Netherlands. His oil paintings, often combining elements of Botanical and Oriental ink art have been exhibited in galleries across Europe and Asia. He as authored and illustrated children’s books. He is a member of the Society of Icelandic Visual Artists (SÍM).

Mission statement

The raw material is always in the foreground. The craft of using colors, canvas, and brushes and letting the raw material flow freely is the main rhythm. Influences draw upon Nordic Landscapes and Flora, Austrian Expressionism, and Japanese Animation. The superstition of hidden folk that exists in the painter’s home country of Iceland is an inspiration. Figurines often visit the paintings and mingle with the minute details of the flowers and undergrowth.