Ines Scheppach was born in 1953 in Stuttgart, Germany.

From 1971 on she studied at the Academy of fine Arts in Stuttgart in the 

classes of Professor Peter Grau and professor H. G. von Stockhausen. 

She is engaged in various artist groups. 

1977 she joined the VBKW (Society of Visual Arts in Württemberg), in 1978 member of the Böblinger Kunstverein (art society), and the InterArt Society in Stuttgart.

1996 she became a member of the “Stuttgarter Künstlerbund e.V.” 

2000 she was one of the founder members of the artist group „Neue Meister“ (New Masters).

She presents her works in renowned art exhibitions, in single- and group exhibitions.

She was and is engaged in projects with other fine arts, theater, music, and literature.