Newly Joined Member : Karin Frendberg - Sweden

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Galleri SoHo is an International Community offering digital and physical platforms for independent professional artists and designers.

 We work closely with independent creators in art, Design, crafts, and Art-tech and provide the necessary tools and Advisory to enable them to offer their products and services to Customers.

 Working in different markets enables us to build bridges and connect independent talents world wide  through exhibitions and events to ease their reach to the public .

Become a member in our community and enjoy: 

1-Members only exhibitions &  events

2-Create Your Web Shop  & Start Selling Today!

 -Full control over your account & inventory

-Payments directly to your account 

 -Zero exclusivity 

-Join Our curated Members only exhibitions

– First 3 months commission free


Our cutting-edge online marketplace gives you complete control over your web shop, ensuring no exclusivity clauses. Enjoy direct payments into your account before shipment, along with customer information to build your database. Embrace the freedom to manage your products and inventory with our zero  exclusivity policy.

3-Acess to our Co-working , Studio Spaces & Art retreats

4-Coaching & Mentorship 

5- Solo exhibitions opportunities

Monthly Membership

-Your own page on our Website.

-Vendor account where you can upload an unlimited number of artworks/ handcrafted products through

-Your name is listed under our Artist and your products are under the chosen category 



Please note that:

The monthly membership fee is 25 € /  month. and paid Quarterly


Yearly Membership

-Your own page on our Website.

-Vendor account where you can upload an unlimited number of artworks/ handcrafted products through

-Your name is listed under our Artist and your products are under the chosen category.

– Introduction to our network and recognition in our monthly Newsletter and send outs.

-Participation in our members-only exhibition once a year

-Basic Mentorship

-5 % discount on  products sold at Galleri SoHo and 10% on services provided by Galleri SoHo or members.

-Each month our curation team select artists in focus, and artist of the month depending on the theme of the month and you can be selected as well.

The yearly membership fee is 150€ / year

– Flexible wall space 3 m2 or table space/ Shelving in our showroom

-Collection of 5 works at our showroom/storage as an example to show the visitors / clients

-Introduction paper: your photo, information in English & Swedish with  QR code leading to your catalogue on Galleri

-Part of our art rentals catalogue offered to business clients and Home stylists (Upon previous written  agreement with the home artist)

-Access to co-working & studio spaces

-Staff working to sell your works 6 days a week.

– Inclusion in General marketing campaigns

-10% Discount on all services and products offered by Galleri SoHo

-Participation in our Pop-up Exhibition in Netherlands September 2024

-Note: This membership is an upgrade to our existing members with  a separate written agreement 

-Monthly fee 150€ 

-15% Commission on the sold artworks at the showroom

– 6 Months subscription  with 1 month termination notice

Please Note :

-Due to the high demand we have only few spaces left in 2024 .

 Starting from 30 /06/2024 the monthly fees for the newly joined home artists will change to 250€ / instead of 150€.

For existing Home artists or if you join before 30/06 your subscription will continue to be 150€

Learn more about our Home artist membership

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Manage your business anywhere use your account on Galleri SoHo to manage orders, update items and respond to your customers on the go.

Get paid seamlessly

Manage payment processing with PayPal, Google pay, Bank transfer, Stripe ( Visa, Mastercard, China UnionPay cards,..etc.)or Apple pay to make it easy for buyers to pay any way they choose.

Analytics to improve your sales

Detailed statistics that show performance trends, earning, Selling and Commission Reports & Statement

Terms & Conditions Applies for our online memberships:

-For the first 3 months, Galleri SoHo will not charge any extra fees or commission on sold items only the package fees.

-After the first 3 months Galleri SoHo Charges a 10% commission plus the membership fees.

– If you are obligated to pay VAT kindly include it when you are uploading your product and you pay VAT in your country

-If you can´t upload the products yourself, no problem we can help upload the products including mockup pictures (20€ for up to 10 products)

-The shipment fees are covered by the customer, But you are responsible to pack and ship the orders.

-You can upload products that are made on demand please write it in the product information and also the production time.

– If the item is made by order there is no refund for the customer unless the items are damaged otherwise please check our terms & conditions.

– You can change or upgrade your membership at any time and add any service you need.

-The membership will be renewed automatically, so if you would like to pause or end your membership please tell us one month before .

-By Purchasing any of our memberships you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.  

-Membership purchases are binding and paid upfront, we don´t offer refunds or returns as they are including several services  except in exceptional cases. 


Please Note These terms and conditions doesn´t apply on The Home artist membership or any physical exhibitions.


Contact us if you have any questions.

Galleri SoHo is more than just an online art marketplace. We are an international artist community with a permanent location in Västerås, Sweden, and active customer service and sales teams in numerous countries. This global network fosters strong connections and collaborations among our members.