My work is an exploration of my movement through life and different cultures, expressed in colors, patterns and forms.
Years ago glass became my passion, from the very first day I entered a glass factory. It is fascinating how an orange, hot liquid becomes a transparent, stable object.
It is such a beautiful material, so fragile and strong at the same time, and so full of surprises.
It has a life of its own – it changes expression with the light or the point of view, just like our minds and our hearts. It is very inspiring – the challenge of accidents when I have to rethink my ideas and adjust to what the material tells me.
I am inspired by nature, the richness of color combinations, textures, and different light. My work usually starts with a color or a pattern idea, then evolves into composition and playfulness.
My goal and aspiration as an artist is to give beauty and creative boost to viewers and users
in their everyday life.

Born in Poland, and partly raised in the Netherlands, I came to Sweden in 1979. Fifteen years later it was time for a new set of moves, this time to Germany and six years later to Austria.
After having lived in so many different places, I feel like a true European, adopting the best of every culture.
After obtaining a Masters degree in Graphic Arts at the Academy of Arts in Warsaw, I attended the Orrefors Glass School in Sweden, where I learned glass techniques and how
to blow glass. During the years 1992 to 1994, I had my own stained glass studio in Stockholm.
Throughout the years I have been working with many different media: advertisements,
studio glass, stained glass, teaching, painting, quilting and pottery. Since October 2008 I have been an owner of a glass kiln in my studio .
One man shows:
2008 Galerie Rienössl, Vienna, Austria
2003 Stenhuset, Surahammar, Sweden
1999 Jean Stodden, Rech, Germany
1988 Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping, Sweden
1978 Barbakan Galeria, Warsaw, Poland
I participated in the following exhibitions:
2023- 2024 Konsthallen, Virsbo, Sweden
2009-2018 WeinachtsQuartier, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria
2016 Wasser, Glas und Feuer, Galerie Sandpeck, Vienna, Austria
2016 Schwedischer Frühlingsalong, Salong BelleArti, Vienna, Austria
2013-2014 Schöner Leben zur Weinachtszeit, Galerie Sandpeck, Vienna, Austria
2013 Herbstzauber, Schloß Poysbrunn, Austria
2011-2013 GartenZauber, Schloß Mühlbach, Austria
2012 Kunstadvent, Baden, Austria
1994 Järfällasalongen, Jakobsberg, Sweden
1992 Höstsalong, Siab Konstförening, Stockhom, Sweden
1985,1991 Polish Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden
1981 Glaskunst aus Polen-3 Künstler, Vis à vis Galerie, Wendingen, Germany
1980 Solnagruppen 10 år, Stockholm, Sweden
Zentralschweizer Glaspreis, Luzern, Switzerland
Kunstglas, Leipzig, Germany
Polish Glass, Altenburg Museum, Germany
1979 Polish Glass, Pottery and Tapestry, Prague, Bratislava and Moscow
Microfiche Programme, Modern Glass, The Corning Museum of Glass, USA
1978 Microfiche Programme, Modern Glass, The Corning Museum of Glass, USA
Public works:
Embassy of Poland in Washington D.C., USA
Corning Glass Museum, USA Instagram: magusia_glass