Urban Forms

Revaz Tchantouria

Revaz Tchantouria develops a style of geometric abstraction. His colorful artworks express
movement of different colors and geometric shapes.

Revaz is originally from Georgia in the Caucasus and has lived in Sweden since the late
1980s. He received his education in the studio of the prominent Georgian sculptor- abstractionist during 1974-1977 in Tbilisi. Karlo Grigolia was the founder of Georgian avant-garde art which was a forbidden underground movement during the Soviet period.

Composition VII, Geometric Perspective
Composition VII, Geometric Perspective

Revaz has always been very fascinated
by astronomy and finds inspiration from the geometric disposition of astronomy. He also takes inspiration from colors in nature and different seasons.
He works with different techniques, mostly oil on canvas but also with paper collages and
mixed media.
Influenced by avant-garde artists like Malevich, Kandinsky, and Mondrian, his artworks
convey an individual impression and interpretation by each observer.

Improvisation, Red Moon, 2008
Improvisation, Red Moon, 2008

Revaz Tchantouria has had several exhibitions around Sweden and abroad. The first
exhibition in Sweden was a group exhibition of Georgian artists at Falsterbo Konsthall in 1994

He has for example presented his artwork at The National Museum Kiev Pictures
Gallery in 2018 and at Bienal de Arte Barcelona at the Museum of European Modern Art
(MEAM) 2019.
Revaz is a member of The Association of Georgian avant-garde artists since 1986.

Selection of exhibitions –
Bienal de Arte Barcelona, Museum of European Modern Art (MEAM) 2019
International Art Fair Los Angeles, 2019
International Prize Caravaggio, Milano, 2018
Vernissage “To find and not let go”, Kiev National Pictures Gallery, 2018
Amsterdam International Art Fair, 2017                                      
Jaeger & Jansson Galleri, Lund, 2013
Gina Cinnamoni Gallery, Helsingborg, 2012
Art Gallery, Lund, 2001
Trelleborg konsthall, 1997
Konst från Georgien, Falsterbo konsthall, 1994