Lynsey Storer (b.1977) is an English painter based in London. She is originally from a rural area of central UK, within the Midlands. Her father was a Gamekeeper tending to the woodland and rearing game birds. 

Lynsey’s interest and inspiration began at a young age walking the fields and from the age of 14 sitting in Clumber Park and the surrounding Sherwood Forest. Progressing to a lifetime of en plein air painting; she likes to experience, live, and be in the moment. ‘The movement and rhythms of nature or the color and textures of the landscape play an important role in her desire to record’. She says that ‘we rarely look at photos we have taken but paintings have a timeless quality. A photo captures a moment but a painting lasts for eternity. 

The paintings here were created outdoors in two countries, England and France. Recording her observations of France, Lynsey enjoys the quaint, undisturbed roads and cottages of the north. She hopes that her paintings become a point of meditation or beauty; a window to appreciate the world around us.