Alexander Ivashkevich

Explore the captivating world of Alexander Ivashkevich, a renowned fine art photographer with a unique style that has gained recognition worldwide.

With over 15 years of experience, he captures human beauty, emphasizing the wealth of the inner world over eternal youth. His work includes artistic, psychological, vintage, family portraits, and boudoir series. 🎭📸

*Artistic Style

Alexander’s interest in fine art and photography is inspired by his life-long career in the dramatic theatre sphere. His profession allows him to awaken and tease forgotten feelings, blending acting with directing during photo shoots. Photography becomes a continuation of the expressive act, bridging the gap between inhalation and exhalation, capturing the essence of human nature.

*Inspiration* Inspired by world-renowned painters from past centuries, Alexander’s vision aligns with the natural beauty depicted by those artists. He believes that people need a more sophisticated connection with the world than modern everyday life offers, creating an artistic space for models to rediscover themselves emotionally and aesthetically.

*Unique Technique* Some of Alexander’s photos are individually framed and adorned with the French technique of verre églomisé, creating exclusive fine art pieces. This distinctive approach adds a touch of exclusivity to his works, opening up new possibilities for designers and photographer alike.

*Working with Models* Alexander focuses on revealing the character, personality, and individuality of models during photo sessions. Avoiding “special posing,” he encourages natural poses born from genuine situations, capturing the inner potential of each model. The goal is to create a unique personal story that unfolds during the session. *Message through Artwork* His photographs present a riddle to viewers, inviting them to delve into the inner storyline hidden in each picture. This mystery of the human soul cannot be replicated by standard smartphone filters, making the viewer stop and take a longer, deeper look. Alexander’s work sparks curiosity, prompting viewers to understand the present, past, and potential future within the captured moment.

*Education* Alexander’s journey includes training in ballet arts, theater acting, and ongoing self-learning in photography through various online and offline courses. *Exhibitions* With 25 personal and 13 collective exhibitions across Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Germany, Italy, Monaco, the UK, Hong Kong, and Switzerland, Alexander’s work has gained recognition globally. His participation in the Biennale Fondazione Modigliani in Venice (2022) adds to his impressive exhibition portfolio.

*Collaborations* Alexander has collaborated with renowned establishments such as Vene Teater (Russian Theater, Estonia), Kroonika Magazine, Clothing Brand YEAR (Estonia), Nanoasia & Bellapierre Cosmetics (Estonia), and MGM Aria Hotel/Casino (Las Vegas, USA).

Women, their image, and their personality play a significant role in my art. I work mainly in two directions: women’s portraits and boudoirs. When I shoot portraits, I use the psychological knowledge gained from my main profession (theater and movie actor) and establish contact
between the “stage director” (myself) and the “actor” (model). I manage to return a person to the wonderful world of different emotions that we often miss in everyday life, trying to do as much as possible, but at the same time losing the opportunity to do a lot.
Women’s beauty was worshipped from ancient times and every era had its canons and criteria. Artists and poets addressed women’s beauty as something unearthly, divine, alluring, and inspiring. They were showing their heroines signifying their sexuality without making it
appear vulgar.
A woman is a perfect creation of nature, and by being perfect, she expands the boundaries of our perception of beauty.
I see how current time has changed the direction of fashion and understanding of the definition of a woman’s attractiveness making it standardized and often unnatural due to modern trends and technologies.
I feel that our society needs to be reminded of the worth of natural beauty that is just around us.
My desire to help people see it pushed me to create a gallery of contemporary women who have preserved the treasured qualities of the past.
I also want to bring warmth and coziness back to people’s homes using art photography and have always dreamed of making photographs with high aesthetic standards.