BJ konior

BJ grew up in California. As a child she won awards for her pottery then turned to painting as a teenager. BJ studied techniques in oils and acrylics but preferred the quick-drying nature of acrylics as she continued to perfect her skills. Her creative grandmother taught her to crochet at age eleven, a craft she has returned to as an adult. BJ got her degree in Commercial Art Design and Interior Design in Cupertino, CA and has continued art studies and self-education ever since. Art has been a lifelong passion. BJ has exhibited in Albuquerque and Taos, and has been a favorite in the Questa Art Tour since 2021.

This Multimedia artist and crafter works in several bold styles with acrylic paintings ranging from folk art, to impasto, pointillism, and realism. Her painting has evolved into the textured, bright images she is known for today. She also sometimes works in pastels and pencil. Her craft work includes painted glass and mosaics, plus crochet. The latter including hats and scarves, chemo hats, accessories and household items. An unusual craft she is known for is chainmail jewelry made from hand-cut copper rings.