In the captivating world of fine art photography, Alexander Ivashkevich stands as a luminary, weaving a unique narrative that transcends the boundaries of conventional aesthetics. With over 15 years of experience, his lens captures the essence of human beauty, focusing on the inner world and emphasizing the richness that comes with experience over the fleeting allure of eternal youth.

Artistic Style: Theatrical Fusion with Photography

Alexander’s artistic journey finds its roots in the dramatic theatre sphere, where he has carved out a lifelong career. His theatrical background infuses his photography with a distinct flair, as he seamlessly blends acting with directing during photo shoots. Each photograph becomes an expressive act, bridging the gap between inhalation and exhalation, a moment that captures the very essence of human nature.

Inspired by the works of world-renowned painters from centuries past, Alexander Ivashkevich’s vision aligns with the natural beauty depicted by these artistic luminaries. He believes in creating a more sophisticated connection with the world, offering an artistic space for models to rediscover themselves emotionally and aesthetically.

Unique Technique: A Touch of Exclusivity

Some of Alexander’s photographs are not just images; they are individually framed and adorned with the French technique of verre églomisé. This distinctive approach adds an element of exclusivity to his works, creating fine art pieces that open up new possibilities for designers and photographers alike.

In his photographic sessions, Alexander focuses on revealing the true character, personality, and individuality of his models. Steering clear of contrived poses, he encourages natural expressions born from genuine situations, capturing the inner potential of each model. The goal is to create a unique personal story that unfolds during the session.

Alexander’s photographs present a riddle to viewers, inviting them to delve into the inner storyline hidden within each picture. This mystery of the human soul cannot be replicated by standard smartphone filters, demanding that viewers pause and take a longer, deeper look. His work sparks curiosity, prompting viewers to understand the present, past, and potential future within the captured moment.

Alexander’s artistic journey is marked by training in ballet arts, theater acting, and ongoing self-learning in photography through various online and offline courses. This diverse background contributes to the richness and depth of his artistic expression.

Exhibitions: A Global Recognition

With an impressive portfolio of 25 personal and 13 collective exhibitions across Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Germany, Italy, Monaco, the UK, Hong Kong, and Switzerland, Alexander Ivashkevich’s work has gained global recognition. His participation in the Biennale Fondazione Modigliani in Venice in 2022 adds a prestigious accolade to his already impressive exhibition history.

Collaborations: Partnering with Creativity

Alexander has collaborated with renowned establishments, including Vene Teater (Russian Theater, Estonia), Kroonika Magazine, Clothing Brand YEAR (Estonia), Nanoasia & Bellapierre Cosmetics (Estonia), and MGM Aria Hotel/Casino (Las Vegas, USA). These collaborations speak to the universal appeal of his art, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.

In Alexander Ivashkevich’s own words, “Women, their image, and their personality play a significant role in my art.” Through his lens, he returns people to the world of forgotten emotions, reminding society of the worth of natural beauty that surrounds us. In a world often dominated by standardized and unnatural ideals, Alexander’s work stands as a testament to the timeless allure of authenticity and the celebration of the human spirit.

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