Henry Daniel Roma

Henry Daniel Roma is an Italian-based brand, founded in 2018 by Daniel Lossos, London designer, who inherited from his grandfather, the deep love for fashion. And it is precisely the trips to Italy that inspire Daniel, currently CEO of the brand, to carry out this project. The colors of Italy, the perfumes and the unmistakable style give life to the first collection, Riviera. A year later, the meeting with Anna Colucci, Italian fashion editor and designer, proved to be very interesting and sealed their collaboration. The ideas of Anna, creative director of the brand, her refined taste and the sparkling spirit of a good Italian, support the brand in its growth and today Henry Daniel Roma establishes itself as an internationally known brand.


Henry Daniel Roma creates luxury pieces, made in Tuscany using only the very finest quality italian leathers and finishes. Each creation is designed to be unique and functional for every woman with an accessible price. 

With Showrooms in Milano, Roma and London.

Special Offers on Summer Collection

Velvet Collection

Matilda Bag

Anna Bag

Lucia Bag

Mini-Lucia Bag

Sofia Bag

Natalia Tote Bag

Finding inspiration for our designs and future projects is based on creating fashion pieces that both stimulate and give clients and users what their needs and wants are. Our ideas stem from our previous work and the fashion schools attended which required refining a project and examining the mood and expectations of the client. When transferred to the design and manufacture of the fashion pieces and accessories and travel pieces we carried forward the aforementioned ethics so that we had a full knowledge of what the customer wanted. The mood of our products is therefore based on the anticipation of the customer with the full knowledge that they are purchasing a product they want whilst utilising the best materials to allow the product to stand on its own in a highly competitive market the inspiration for the designs. Not only stems from fashion History but the suggestions and need of our customers.

Henry Daniel roma