Our Services

Why Art?

Organizations collect art for a range of reasons. Often, they seek to bring their employees into contact with art to enrich their lives. Corporate art collections can help staff to view their work differently, promote creativity, and introduce a human element into the company culture. Another argument for collecting art is that it has a positive effect on an organization’s image. People make direct connections between an organization’s art collection and its activities, products, and/or character. Also, the wish to provide patronage – i.e., to actively support artists and the art world – has long been an important motivating factor. Today, such support comprises part of what is known as corporate social responsibility or more specifically corporate cultural responsibility.

Art Consultation services

We can work from your floorplans and finishes to suggest imagery that accomplishes your goal and exceeds your client’s vision, whether in person at our Gallery or by emailing a digital presentation for review, along with keyed placement and an installed quote.

-Budget development

-Master planning

-Site specific

-Image selection

-Commissioned artwork

Curation & Installation services

Our curator will develop a cohesive artwork package based on your design concepts, color palette, wall sizes, values, and budget.

Our team will work with you to develop a unique artwork collection that fully aligns with your vision to fit your co-working spaces, offices, lobbies.


Galleri SoHo arrange a wide variety of events to suit your space for example:

-Themed Events

-Musical Events

-Art & Cultural events

-Fashion Events

-Exhibitions & Fairs

Corporate Services


Galleri SoHo serves businesses large and small, across an array of industries. Whether you're a Fortune 500 company looking to impress your clients or a growing startup interested in personalizing your space, we can help.

Support Local Artists

Exhibit artwork that represents your community and support the artists who share it with you. Whether you are renting or buying artwork, a percentage of every dollar you spend with Galleri SoHo is paid directly to the artists whose work you enjoy.

Strengthen your corporate image with original art! Businesses can rent art for a fraction of the cost of ownership, with the option to rotate works every six months. We offer on-site consultations, delivery and installation services, making the transition to a stunning business environment effortless.


Art for an International image!

Exhibit artwork that represents your community and support the artists who share it with you. Whether you are renting or buying artwork, a percentage of every dollar you spend with Galleri SoHo is paid directly to the artists whose work you enjoy.

Strengthen your corporate image with original art! Businesses can Lease art and divide the cost of ownership, with the option to down pay the works up to 12 months. We offer on-site consultations, delivery and installation services, making the transition to a stunning business environment effortless.


Get Your Whole Team Involved.

You will work directly with one of our Art Advisors to explore our catalog comprised of more than 25,000 artworks. Final selections can be made through our community voting tool to engage your employees and build company culture.

Don’t Lift A Finger.

Our team takes care of every detail, from design and curation to installation and rotation, so you don’t need to lift a finger. 

Join Our business club!

Art has the power to spark dialogue, create community and change lives. Join Corporate Membership and help our gallery present an extraordinary exhibition program and a dynamic suite of talks, films, and performances.

Get to enjoy all the club benefits :

-Free event/year:

We can organize 1 free exhibition or event per year for your cooperation or for one of your VIP clients to enjoy in their place or at our gallery.

-Invitation to exhibitions pre-opening.

Basic membership for your employees

-Visibility on our website:

Company logo, short information, and link to your website

-Visibility at our location if needed.

-Participation in workshops & activities:

Up to 50% discount on participation fees once per year in our workshops and activities (art workshops, teambuilding,..etc.)

Invest in Art

Investing in art, for instance, is growing in popularity. Fifty-five percent of wealth managers reported their clients asking for help with investments in art and collectibles.

Also owning unique works that no one else has, delivers value to your property and its tenants.

We offer:

  • Down payment plans: We have down payment plans when you purchase art for more than 15000 SEK (1500 €)  you can divide the payment into 2- 3 installments.
  • Advisory & consultation: Free Advisory guidance from a curator to find artworks handpicked for you to purchase
  • NEW Collectors club: If you love art, and you’re looking for help with purchasing it, why not join our NEW Collectors Club? 

Services for Real Estate


Whether you are managing a Class A office building or a mid-tier multi-family apartment complex, Galleri SoHo delivers value to your property and its tenants.

Art Is the New Must-Have Amenity for Leading Real-Estate Developers

At a time of near-constant residential development in most populous cities, new projects must go above and beyond to stand out from the pack. A popular method? Aligning themselves with art. This goes beyond curating a set of photographs in a tower’s lobby—developers are commissioning site-specific works by notable artists, sponsoring on-site art programming, and, in some cases, even hiring staff specialists and curators to tend to their robust collections.

 People look forward to what art they’re going to have in their building, and it’s become a kind of a hallmark of what developers do, Also Public spaces have no meaning unless you put some art there.

Find the right art for every space

From floor-to-ceiling lobby installations to hallway triptychs, we offer a full range of artworks. You’ll work one-on-one with a dedicated Art Advisor to find the perfect piece for every space.

Art Subscription Service

Grown tired of looking at the same tired walls of your home during the COVID-19 lockdown? Well, you’re not alone — many homeowners are looking to spruce up their decor nowadays, especially those who are working out of their houses.

Galleri SoHo now offers a subscription art service that can help deck out homes and properties in luxury style.

Our art distribution service offering a range of innovative solutions for the leasing, sales, and exhibition of contemporary art. the company’s services are now available to anyone at any price point. Subscribers can rent artwork for as little as $150 a month — a starting price that makes being a patron affordable (though, of course, there are still much pricier options that let well-monied art aficionados fill the many walls of their mansions).

there’s quite a bit of flexibility (and convenience) included with the monthly fee. If subscribers want to refresh the current art in their home, pieces can be swapped out for some newer ones. And if patrons feel particularly attached to a piece of art, they have the option to buy it and make it a permanent part of their personal collection.


Take an innovative approach to renovation.

We can rotate artwork at the frequency of your choosing, providing a low-cost way to periodically update the look of your space and impress your tenants.

Get more value.

Purchase or rent. Pay up front or over time. We offer a range of flexible options to make the most of your budget, every time.

Let us do the work.

Our team takes care of every detail, from design and curation to installation and rotation, so you don’t need to lift a finger. 

Public Art Services

Creative Project Managment

From ideation to installation, providing Creative Project Management and Public Art Master Planning services for art in public and private spaces.
We work with artists and clients to bring their creative vision to life.

Art & Private Development

Developers looking to add public art to their project our team can assist in the creation of an art integration strategy specific to your site. With experience working in both interior and exterior environments, we’ll help you identify the right artist/s for the site and oversee the project from proposal to fabrication all the way through installation and project close-out. Let us help you tell the story of your place through public art.

Public Art Master Planning

Whether you’re looking to integrate a series of sculptural works into a pocket park, or creating a vibrant campus full of artwork that engages the public and sparks conversation, or developing a long-term public art plan for a municipality, Public Art Services is here to help. Through the planning process, we’ll work with you to determine possible locations for public art integration, develop a theme for the site that builds upon the unique stories and histories of the place. Research and community engagement culminates in a comprehensive plan that will serve as a roadmap to the future of your site-building on the placemaking experience. Once the plan is complete we offer a full suite of Creative Project Management services to ensure the successful execution of the creative vision.

-Research and development

-Establish long term public art strategies

-Civic Engagement

-Cultural Map Development

Collaboration with Designers


Galleri SoHo makes art sourcing easy. Whether you need a single permanent piece or a multi-floor rotating collection, Galleri SoHo’s Design Insider program makes the process simple, freeing up your time for everything else. Design Insiders receive preferred industry pricing on the entire catalog, exclusive benefits, and an insider’s first-look at new case studies and works added to the catalog.


As a Galleri SoHo Design Insider, you gain exclusive access to Galleri SoHo’s catalog of over 1000 works by independent artists across the globe. All are available for purchase in a range of sizes, materials, and framing treatments.

If you are looking for the finishing touch in a small office or a series of expansive artworks to fill a commercial lobby, Galleri SoHo’s Design Insider program offers solutions for all kinds of spaces and budgets, within one convenient platform.

Design Insiders receive preferred industry pricing on the entire catalog, exclusive limited-time discounts on select works, and an insider’s first-look at new works added to the catalog. 


Interested in a turnkey solution? Our Art Advisors can work directly with you and your clients to understand their preferences and build a comprehensive artwork program that takes care of everything from framing to installation, so you have the freedom to be as hands-on or hands-off as you like. 

Through our lease and rotation service, your clients will have access to an evolving art collection that can be rotated at the frequency of their choosing. Whether the artwork changes annually or seasonally, it will breathe new life into your design with each rotation.

With this program, you get access to preferred pricing and exclusive benefits, including a complimentary professional photo shoot of the final space for use by you and your clients.

Services for Home

Your art speaks for you

Whether you’re looking to inspire, ask questions, start a conversation, make an impression, or challenge an assumption, the art you show can make the statement over and over in unique, dynamic ways.

Art Rentals

Why not? It’s the best way to find out if what you love works. Or even fits. Renting a piece of art gives you a chance to road test, experiment, or explore your taste — risk-free.

And with our scheme, some of the money you spend renting, you can offset against the cost of something you buy.

Enjoy original art in the comfort of your own home! Redesign your space with great art as the focus, or stage your home to increase its sale-ability. With the Art Rental & Sales program, clients can try out different artwork without the commitment to purchase. Can’t live without it? The first six months’ worth of rental fees will be applied towards the purchase price. Gallery members receive an additional 10% off their purchase.

  • Earning credits towards purchase: If you would feel like owning the works a percentage of the money you paid in the rental will be deducted from the total work price.
  • Prices start from 100 SEK /month per piece: Get original art in your space for a fixed monthly fee. Choose your fav. pieces from (Our send on-demand catalog ), Sign the agreement and we’ll deliver and professionally hang your art for you and we’ll be back in 3, 6, or 12 months to change your art for new pieces.

  • Conserved for damage?:Don’t be. We ship every piece in tough, custom-designed packaging And we offer hanging & installation services. 

Become a member

As a member of Galleri SoHo, you can have special discounts on our special collection of Art.

Be a champion

Every piece you bring into your home earns money for the artist. As a Galleri SoHo member, you can give your favorite artists the exposure they deserve, and help them find new audiences.

Why You’ll Love Galleri SoHo

We know that your walls reflect your life. Whether you’re looking for a seasonal piece, a conversation-starter, or a moment of relaxation, having fresh art whenever you want will get you there.

Services for Artists & Designers

Tired of minding your art business alone?

You don’t need to buy into the myth of the starving artist or pursue someone else’s idea of success. As your coaching partner, Galleri SoHo has Launched N.E.S.M.A Visual Art agency that will inject you with a sense of possibility, jump-start your art career, teach you to self-manage or provide you with helping hands in order to make yourself a priority!

Working Alongside Artists

We provide assistance early on in a project’s design development offering RFQ/RFP review services, proposal review and advice, contract review, budget development and design review. Along with our team of skilled collaborators we’ll work with you to develop the right approach for your specific project putting your artistic vision first. Once a plan is in place we oversee the entire process from engineering to fabrication all the way through installation and project close-out. we know what it takes to get the job done on time and on budget with stunning results.


Artist Management & Representation services

Assistance with career development  including:

  • Personal Branding

Creating and boosting your unique individual artistic identity.

  • Custom Strategy making

Creating a strategy to achieve your goals, from publications, finding suitable opportunities to selling your work.


Marketing & PR services

Our gallery is dedicated to promoting contemporary art practices and gives highly qualified artists also promotes young talented emerging artists by providing Marketing and PR services for artists and designers including :

  • Portfolios

Creation of your artist portfolio with all necessary information & images.

  • Social Media and Web Traffic:

 Our marketing team will help in developing to help you out engage more people.

  • Website & Content Editing
Creating/Editing S.E.O text for your website to fit the special nature of your work and the needs of visitors
  • Networking events
We organize several occasions for networking between Artists, Art & business to motivate collaboration opportunities.
For Artists, Artisans & designers to connect and present themselves through networking events at our gallery or online. also an online portfolio to share their works.

Consulting services

Coaching sessions to help you with particular topics or general inquiries.

  • Pricing your art… and more importantly, learning how to explain your prices to potential buyers in ways they can understand and appreciate.
  • Review and recommendations on how to improve your social media profile and you are organizing and presenting your art.
  • Critical analysis and recommendations on how to improve your existing website or how to build a new one.
  • How to identify, approach and make contact with dealers, galleries, collectors, curators or alternative venues you think might be interested in your art.

Additional Services:

  • Assistance with grant, residency, exhibition, or admissions applications.
  • Contract review and/or negotiation 
  • Estate planning, documenting your art, and related long-term recommendations.
  • Mediation and dispute resolution.

Exhibitions & Fairs

We host and arrange art exhibitions throughout the year at our physical locations and on our online platform.

You can participate in our events or book our venues to arrange your own.

Also, our gallery founded several large-scale art events that occur once a year such as Västerås International art fair, where independent artists or art groups can participate.

Become a Home artist

At SoHo Artshop we have established ” Home artist concept ” a subscription for artists, artisans, and designers to share a showroom where they can exhibit and sell their works, market their brand in the middle of  Västerås city center and online.

Three Ways To Earn

With Galleri SoHo’s dynamic service options, you can earn revenue up to 3 different ways:

  • Leasing: Earn a percentage of the artwork’s retail price for every month a piece is leased.
  • Sales: Earn a commission from selling your work with Galleri SoHo.
  • Commissions: Earn revenue on site specific and commissioned client projects.

You can choose or combine any of these options!

How you make your work available to show with us is up to you.

Grow Your Audience

Your work will be shared with our diverse, national network of clients looking to discover new art for their business or commercial properties.

Your Artist Team

The Galleri SoHo Artist Team is ready to help with anything you may need, so never hesitate to be in touch. We’re artists ourselves, and we’re dedicated to your happiness and success.

You Create, We Do The Work

Using the inventory information you’ve provided through your Artist Dashboard, our team finds the right spaces for your work. We’ll take care of all of the details in marketing, sales, and logistics to free up your time to focus in the studio.