Galfer Dexign

I decided to create @galferdexign, a laboratory of concepts inspired by my cultural roots in Extremadura, in my passion for creation and design, to give life to unique objects that excite young people, to excite them and that with work and passion, not even the sky is the limit, because friend, we are all extraordinary beings

I am José Fernández Gallego , a Spaniard from the most rural and unknown area of Spain, Extremadura. The younger brother of a middle-class family was uninterested in cars or creation, and focused on more technical and pragmatic aspects of life.

I am an extremely curious person, very demanding with myself, ambitious, self-taught, and with great enthusiasm.

I studied Transportation Design at the IAAD in Turin (Italy). I finished my studies in 2013 with a lot of desire to conquer the world, and in 2020, after years of experience in the Automotive Design sector, I dreamed of starting a business, creating a legacy, a brand with a soul that would fight against the bullying that I knew from small, and with doing something for my region, Extremadura.