About us

Galleri SoHo is an online platform dedicated to promoting talents in Art & Fashion industry and offering them the necessary tools in order to distribute their creations in the International markets.

When you buy from us 100% of the profits go directly to the artists, we support creativity, sustainability, innovation and craftmanship.

We love diversity and support it by showcasing and selling products from different origins and cultures

What we Do ?

  • Exhibitions

Galleri SoHo has been organizing exhibitions for local and foreign artists from different disciplines in Västerås city, Sweden since 2018. 

  • Fairs

Galleri SoHo Founded Västerås International Art Fair in 2020 and has been running yearly. VIAF  is the first of its kind in Scandinavia dedicated to promoting contemporary art, with a focus on creating long-term connections with artists, galleries, art lovers, and collectors.

  • Art D Tech

Galleri SoHo Founded Art D Tech in 2020 dedicated to promoting and distributing Art-tech artists and design studios in the following fields: interactive and immersive art, Digital art, and at the end of 2021 we launched Sweden´s 1st physical and digital marketplace for NFTs and AI-Generated Art. 

  • Online curated Marketplace

Unlike Amazon and Etsy Marketplace, Galleri SoHo is a curated platform which means, the artists and brands on our platform have been carefully selected to sell their creations on Gallerisoho.se.

Our selection criteria:



-Materials Quality 

-Brand targets

-Market Potentiality 

We help in introducing your brand to our global audience, collaborating partners, distributing agents, and collectors.

We are always welcoming new entrepreneurs in the Art, Design, Crafts, Art-tech, and Fashion fields to join our marketplace . 





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Behind Galleri SoHo

CEO & Co-owner

 Born and raised with a strong art surrounding in Egypt, Ghada has always been involved in the art scene. She’s an Entrepreneur and Fashion designer based in Västerås, graduated from The Higher Institute of Applied arts in 6th of October city (2014).


John Risberg

GM &Co-owner

Born and raised in the countryside north of Västerås , Sweden.

John has always been self-motivated and worked from a young age.

He´s an Entrepreneur, at the age of 23 he moved to Egypt and started his own Language center, He is also a entrepreneur in the automotive industry.