Galleri SoHo

 Is a destination for artists and art lovers located in the heart of Västerås city, The charming ancient Swedish city by lake Mälaren.The gallery was established to promote different contemporary art disciplines, and value adding cultural projects, offering its small but cosy place for temporary exhibitions, allowing
the encounter of different energies and visions of different artists, through presenting them to the public, with the purpose of participating in the development of the society.


Galleri SoHo  is dedicated to promote contemporary art practices and gives the highly qualified artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their works worldwide, also promotes young talented emerging artists by providing a platform for their artworks to be explored by art lovers and collectors.

We are aiming to shed the light on them by involving their production in several events locally and internationally.

Our gallery is located in the center  of the Swedish city Västerås , in the middle of the Business and Shopping district of Västerås centrum with a shopping window on one of the main streets in the city: Stora gatan and few steps from the main bus and train station. the gallery name inspired from SoHo NY hoping that one day our town will be such a destination for art.


The gallery schedules around the year contemporary art exhibitions for the duration that varies between 1 week to a full month each, and yearly exhibition for pioneer’s works dedicated to art collectors .
Galleri SoHo presents in parallel other activities such as artist talks to explain and go deeper in the understanding of their artwork and their views regarding art, their interaction with the social scene, as well as sharing their own experiences through their career with the audience. Sometimes also the artist could organize workshops and other activities.

Our Managing Team

Galleri SoHo is a Family business !

Ghada Zaky

CEO & Co-owner

 Born and raised with a strong art surrounding, Ghada has always been involved and appreciated art. She’s an Entrepreneur and Fashion designer based in Västerås, graduated from The Higher Institute of Applied arts 6th of October city (2014).

 Ghada is Galleri SoHo and SoHo art, design and culture center’s Owner,  She  is also the CEO of Société för Konst, Scenkonst och Kultur economical association.

John Risberg

GM &Co-owner

Born and raised in the country side north of Västerås , Sweden.John has always been self motivated and working from a young age.

He´s an Entrepreneur  at age of 23 moved to Egypt and started his own Language center. 

Currently he is the general manager and  Sales director at Galleri SoHo and SoHo art, design and culture center, He is also a chairman of Société för konst, Scenkonst och Kultur economical association

 John has also a business in the automotive industry.


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