About us

Galleri SoHo is a digital and physical platform for independent professional artists and designers, with a  community of like-minded people burning for the love of arts, creativity, innovation, and high quality.

 We work closely with independent creators in art, Design, crafts, and Art-tech and provide the necessary tools and platforms to enable them to offer their products and services to Customers, who appreciate authentic products that are unique, well thought of and sustainably produced. We build bridges and connect independent talents world wide through exhibitions and Events to Ease their reach to the public .

What We do


Since 2018, our team has passionately organized and curated exhibitions in Sweden and internationally. Collaborating with artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, we strive to create engaging and immersive experiences for our audience.

Our exhibitions showcase a rich tapestry of artistic expression, spanning various mediums and themes. From contemporary paintings to multimedia installations, we aim to captivate and inspire visitors with thought-provoking works of art.
With a commitment to promoting cultural exchange and artistic dialogue, we curate each exhibition with meticulous attention to detail. Our team works closely with artists, galleries, and cultural institutions to bring innovative and impactful projects to life.
Whether it's solo or group exhibitions, we believe in the power of art to transcend boundaries and foster connections. Through our exhibitions, we seek to foster a deeper appreciation for creativity and spark meaningful conversations about the world we live in.

Artists Platform

Our platform is a bridge made by artists and for artists to connect with Art lovers and collectors

Art for Business

We curate, collaborate and install art for different types of business including Hotels, Resorts, Offices, Clinics, Real-estate and Commercial spaces. We offer flexible b2b services from site specific , custom made pieces to art rentals and limited edition prints in order to adapt to the business size and needs.

Market place

From the creator´s studio to the client´s home. Galleri SoHo has created a highly curated marketplace to ensure quality and trust for our clients.
We handpick creators from different parts of the world offering a variety of techniques and styles.

Community engagment

through the years we managed to create an inspiring platform to engage , interact and inspire our surrounding community

Become a member

Join our Artist´s club and offer your products and services
Costa Del Sol - Malaga

At our platform, we support creativity, sustainability, innovation, and craftsmanship. Galleri SoHo started in Västerås City, Sweden, in 2018, and recently moved to Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain. We have a central location in Costa del Sol and connections in Scandinavia, Europe, and the Middle East. We have several collaborations with partners worldwide, which helps open new markets and create new possibilities for our members. 

We carefully select our members : Artists, designers, artisans, or brands, so you can rest assured that the product you purchase is of the finest quality. All of our products are ethically sourced without compromising on quality and design. We are building a community of ethical brands and conscious consumers who positively impact the world, creating a future in which every element of retail is fair and frictionless for everyone. We love diversity and support it by showcasing and selling products from different origins and cultures.

Our team

 Born and raised with a strong art surrounding in Egypt, Ghada has always been involved in the art scene. She’s an Entrepreneur and Fashion designer working between Spain and Sweden


John Risberg
Director / Co-owner

Born and raised in the countryside north of Västerås , Sweden.

John has always been self-motivated and worked from a young age.He´s an Entrepreneur, at the age of 23 he moved to Egypt and started his own Language center, He is also a entrepreneur in the automotive industry.

Meng Hådell

Coordinator Asian MArket

Pablo Barragán
Collaborating partner


Noha Khairy

Coordinator Middle-east