Digital photography – associative sceneries / Photo art on topics that touch and inspire…
Rosemarie Berger worked as a designer in the media sector and, among other things, managed the entire
photo planning of an extensive work area in the mail order business for many years, certainly one of the
foundations of her further development. She started working as a photo artist in 2008 and has since shown
her pictures successfully at national and international exhibitions, e.g. at Art Karlsruhe, Art Strasbourg, Art
Innsbruck and others.
Thoughts and emotions become visible in Rosemarie Berger’s pictures. What is important to her is the special
detail, excerpts removed from the whole. She does the artistic processing of the pictures on the computer,
which can be understood as if a painter applied several layers of paint with a brush and then partially
removed it again, perhaps comparable to a (digital) collage.
She is the author of an illustrated book “Change – New Castle Baden-Baden”.