Leila Lagrèn

Leila is an artist in oil, watercolor, drawing, portrait artist, assignments and orders, art and decorative painting, design, and wall painting, and prepares furniture for decoration, of various kinds.

She trained in decorative painting Design and then as an artist. Decorative painting design means a specific form in different eras, wood grain, marbling, Trompeloeil, illusion painting,
Grisaille, ceiling: ceiling painting, 18th-century painting, ornaments, decorative borders, Chinese, art nouveau, art deco, Baroque, and Rococo.

“I love the process of drawing. The choice of painting and sculpture gives me room for great creative creation. I paint and draw in oil, watercolor, and acrylic as well as charcoal and pastel. I have created all my life and am passionate about my art.

I am happy to be here and for everything that has happened in recent years, it has been instructive and learning money, but above all, it is the journey I have made.


2022 has given back and been many trips, art expo NewYork, New york Manhattan, art and antiques fair in älvsjö Stockholm May, art3fmonaco-June, Luxexpothebox, Luxemburg September, Carrousel the louvre Artshopping October Paris, Museum certificate also now available forever at Haegeumgang Theme Museum Geoije South Korea November. And then at home some small and pleasant exhibitions. Valdermarsvik, Spannstallet Ericsbergsslott December. So I now have an artist code from Louvrèn, am an international artist, and have also received reviews from “Stig Åke Ståhlnacke” in 136 countries, big. Leila Lagrén.

2023 deliver and now received Leonardo Davinci award from Milan Italy which will take place 5/42023 from Ovan museum, and invited to Romele art gallery spring salon and summer salon. Will accept. and will have a wall at Tofta art gallery/interface to sell, location 33, located in Varberg,