“Invest in Yourself Today to Leave a Lasting Mark on History”

Artist Statement by Jutta HIeret:
Nearly all of my works are committed to the principle of collage, starting with some installations, and moving on to smaller sculptural objects, and photo collages or montages.

Some of the images capture my travel impressions, which were documented with a camera and then combined with watercolor or acrylic paints to create a picture on paper or canvas. This process interconnects times and spaces, ways of life, and life situations.

What all of my works have in common is the intention to evoke ambiguities and boundary crossings through contrasting media such as painting, photography, and found collage elements, in order to clarify commonalities or contrasts. Dialogues with past times, with different spaces, with flora and fauna, music or danger, and withdrawal prevent unequivocal perspectives. Nevertheless, in the images, the contradictions seem to be reconciled.