Calling her work Vibrational Art, she claims she can feel the energy of each painting when working on them, and she often experiences that they “talk” to her in the process. Sometimes she includes these messages somewhere on the canvas, visible to the eye or not, sometimes they find their way to the title, and sometimes they might even result in a poem, included with the painting on a nice piece of paper.

This energy comes across also to others. Carolina has noticed that people often react emotionally, somehow feeling touched, when meeting her paintings – the art seems to communicate.

Calling hUmaNITY to build & lean into Circles of Love, by Carolina Gårdheim

Carolina Gårdheim [gawrd-hahym], Gårdheim ART, is a soul-driven, late-blooming, intuitive, autodidact artist/fine art painter with big dreams, living, loving, and painting in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden.

Carolina works intuitively with bravery, passion, and great love for texture and detail, often bold and preferably big, in layers upon layers. Primarily, she paints in acrylics and mixed media, but she also harbors ideas about sculptures, installations, and conceptual art. Time will tell where her creativity takes her from here!


After over 20 years as a successful business owner, working as a coach, retreat leader, author, and designer, Carolina, originally an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics, began feeling that she never got enough time to pursue her artistic interests since childhood. 

Finally, in 2020, she decided that life was too short not to follow her most profound dream and started painting full-time to honor her inner child, the born artist, since long yearning for expression.

Throughout the years, she has taken countless art classes, experimented in her studio day and night, and a seasoned painter has also mentored her.

What else?

Carolina lives in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden, consisting of more than 30 000 islands, in a house next to a magical forest together with her beloved husband and, until recently, their two beautiful sons, now both on their way to leave the nest.

There, she spends her time playing around in her studio, going by the name of “Eremitaget” (the hermitage). 

Carolina is a proud member of the Swedish Artists’ Association (Svenska Konstnärsförbundet).

Past exhibitions 

• Höstsalong, a joint exhibition with 14 painters and sculptors curated by the Swedish Artists Association (Svenska Konstnärsförbundet Region Öst) at Galleri Bellman, Stockholm, Sweden, Oct 21-27, 2022 

• Paradise Unearthed, joint exhibition with photographer Anja Callius at Galleri Roddarhuset, Vaxholm, Sept 10-15, 2022 

• Konstdagarna at Skaparladan, Norrtälje, Aug 6-7, 2022. 

• Överbysalongen, participation in the juried art show at Överby Gård Konstcentrum, Sollentuna, Oct 16-31, 2021 

• We are watching over you, solo exhibition at Galleri Roddarhuset in Vaxholm, Sept 11-26, 2021

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