Barbara Koukal


You don’t need to be an art expert to appreciate its beauty. If a piece speaks to you, let your heart resonate with its beauty. 😊

To me, art is a medium that helps bridge my conscious and subconscious, making my thoughts, emotions, and fears tangible not only to myself but also to others.

With every stroke of the brush and every carve of the chisel, I process my life experiences. Each artwork I create is a piece of me that I share with the world when it find a new home.

This process can be incredibly liberating, yet also profoundly challenging.

My artistic journey began in 2001. Pursuing formal art education was never my path—I needed to earn a living. So, I became my own teacher, constantly evolving, experimenting, and pushing my boundaries.

Reflecting on the journey, I can proudly say it’s been a challenging yet successful ride.

Questions like “Where did you study?” or “Can you make a living out of this?” no longer sting; instead, they invite a gentle smile.

I find immense joy in working on large canvases, painting with vibrant acrylics, crafting collages, and sculpting.

My art speaks volumes through intense emotions, bursts of color, and dynamic movement. Primary colors pulsate with energy, mirroring moods and processing daily impressions—painted feelings, typically positive, adorned in vivid hues unapologetically.

Alongside, my affection for smaller formats has grown. I’ve curated the ‘Kleine Kunstwelt’ gallery on my website, offering art in formats like 30 X 30 or 30 X 40 cm.

“Do good and spread the word!”
My art is deeply ingrained with a commitment to social causes. Through auctions of my pieces, I’ve extended support to various initiatives and organizations:

  • Braunschweig Municipal Clinic, Infant Ward
  • “Tunnel of Marten” art against sexual abuse of children, Vienna
  • “Heinz the Bull” initiative by Mr. Heinz Hönig for traumatized children
  • The Krzysztof Nowak Foundation, Wolfsburg – Animal Shelter
  • Braunschweig Animal Shelter
  • Children in Poverty, Braunschweig
  • Children’s Hospice Braunschweig
  • Children’s Cancer Ward K5 of the Holwedestrasse Municipal Hospital, Prof. Dr. Koch, Braunschweig.

Together, let’s celebrate art that touches hearts and impacts lives. 🎨✨”