Business Club

Organizations collect art for a range of reasons. Often, they seek to bring their employees into contact with art to enrich their lives. Corporate art collections can help staff view their work differently, promote creativity, and introduce a human element into the company culture. Another argument for collecting art is that it has a positive effect on an organization’s image. People make direct connections between an organization’s art collection and its activities, products, and/or characters. Also, the wish to provide patronage – i.e., to actively support artists and the art world – has long been an important motivating factor. Today, such support comprises part of what is known as corporate social responsibility or more specifically corporate cultural responsibility.

Art has the power to spark dialogue, create community, and change lives. Join Corporate Membership and help our gallery present an extraordinary exhibition program and a dynamic suite of talks, films, and performances.

Get to enjoy all the club benefits :

-Free event/year:

We can organize 1 free exhibition or event per year for your cooperation or for one of your VIP clients to enjoy in their place or at our gallery.

-Invitation to exhibitions pre-opening.

Basic membership for your employees

-Company logo, short information, and link to your website

-Visibility at our location if needed.

-Participation in workshops & activities:

Up to 20% discount on participation fees once per year in our workshops and activities (art workshops, teambuilding,..etc.)

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