“Invest in Yourself Today to Leave a Lasting Mark on History”

Anna Kolehmainen

“I am a Finnish printmaker, living and working in Hämeenlinna. I was born in 1982 in Helsinki. I graduated in 2006 from South Carelian Polytechnic, Unit of Fine Art. I had my debut solo exhibition in Gallery Laterna Magica, Helsinki Finland. I actively participate in group exhibitions and hold solo exhibitions. I am a member of Finnish Printmakers. I´m married to illustrator Ville Salonen. 

Intaglio and monotype are my main media, but I do sculpture, environmental art, and painting as well. I´m interested in different ways of perception. Maybe that is the reason why different animals appear in my prints. I´m fascinated by the possibilities of the color to make something invisible visible.”

With Kind Regards: Anna

Anna Kolehmainen

Kuvataiteilija, jooganopettaja