Wil Lof

Wil Lof – About Me and My Education
In 1964 Wil Lof joined a major Dutch textile printer as an apprentice designer.
She continued her background in industrial applied art for about twenty years as a leading designer and colorist of
fashion motives, which were produced by several textile printing companies in the eastern Netherlands and across
borders in western Germany. Her designs found their way to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America in the
form of printed fabric for clothing.
Her first exhibition of paintings in 1968 attracted a lot of attention and she received rave reviews from the regional
press. In addition, she found in the 70’s time to study at the Academy of Art and Industry (Enschede, the
Netherlands), specializing in graphic and textile design.
Painting and drawing remain her passion… from the mid-80s to 90s she worked as a graphic designer for many
interactive services and teletext broadcast services throughout Europe.
In 1997 she switched arts and decided to devote her creativity to full-time monumental painting.
At the brink of the year 2000, she attended Master Classes in Monumental Painting at Artibus (Utrecht, the
Netherlands) Now, Wil Lof is a well-known Dutch painter active in both her home country as well as throughout the
Mediterranean and created her paintings both in her own ateliers in the Netherlands as well as France.
Apart from one-off original paintings, selected works are reproduced as limited edition giclée’s or even individually upgraded as mixed media canvasses.

Wil Lof – Style of her Artworks
Wil Lof emphasizes on decorative, abstract-styled paintings with dynamic, powerful colors, realized in mixed
techniques. Applying a special bonding technique, she covers the canvas with carefully selected rag paper, which
– while drying – tends to wrinkle. The resulting pattern is observed, and if possible, used to accentuate the motive
to be painted.
For the mainstream of her work she uses top-brand acrylics, with a favor for strong and intense pigments.
Wil applies the paint in very thin layers, using her hands, brushes, sponges, and palette knives.
The result is a dynamic painting in which the color balance changes under the available light, warm in the
morning light; bright under full sunshine, and warm and tender at sunset. Artificial light of variable strength can be
used for highlighting. The ‘color-coded’ compositions of her works carry the spectator away into speculative or
interpretative imaginations of the painting.
Many observers characterize her paintings as being esoteric, anthroposophical, or even ‘Elysian’. Apart from her series of purely abstract and figurative paintings, the emphasis is now on combining both styles into mysterious scenes.

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Wil Lof – Events, Exhibitions, NFTs
Wil Lof participates in numerous art events and exhibitions throughout the Netherlands, having her works
exhibited or in stock in galleries and art lending libraries spread out over the country.
Outside her home country, she participated at the Biennale dell’Arte Contemporanea in Firenze (Italy) and her art
works were exhibited in several Spanish cities like Port d’Andratx (Mallorca), Barcelona, San Sebastián, Sevilla,
Marbella, in India (Calcutta, New Delhi, Mumbai), in Sweden (Malmö, Trelleborg), as well as in the U.S. (Miami,
New York), Montreal (Canada), the U.K. (London), and of course France (Paris).
Recently Wil Lof has joined the fascinating and promising world of NFTs, digital versions of existing abstract
paintings. This series of six NFTs is named “Terre Circulaire”.