Tony Bowen

Tony bowen

Tony is a UK based fine artist working mainly with photography.

Since postgraduate study, he has divided his time between art and design education (teaching and curriculum leadership) and personal practice – in Manchester where he was born and in Sussex where he now lives. With a background and first degree in fine art (painting) his interest in making photographs has developed over time: initially supporting work with other media and subsequently as outcomes in their own right.

Alongside formal and atmospheric considerations, his work is largely inspired by the power of the trace, the fragment and the unresolved to provoke the imagination in unexpected ways. A longstanding preoccupation with the ‘found mark’ has led to work which observes, interrogates and documents banal and often overlooked surfaces. Residues of human and other activity present in domestic, natural and urban environments are areas of particular interest. They suggest all kinds of narratives and stimulate broad lines of enquiry. Whether literal or metaphorical, responses to these encounters open up new, personal ways of reading the environment, and of experiencing, deciphering and relating to landscape. 

His work has been shown in galleries and venues throughout the UK. These include Manchester City Art Gallery, Stockport Art Gallery, the Castlefield Gallery (Manchester), Granada Studios (Salford), the Mall Galleries (London), Manchester Metropolitan University, Leeds University, the Regency Town House (Brighton) and the Old Market (Hove). Overseas venues include the San Diego Arts Institute (California), Davis Orton (New York), Fabrica Braco de Prata (Lisbon), Romantsa (Athens) and Werkstadt (Berlin). It is in several private collections including the Laing Art Collection the Granada Foundation Collection, and has been published by (amongst others) Manifest Gallery Press (Ohio), Fragmented Magazine (New York), the Workhorse Collective (London) and Chambre Fluide (London/International). 

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