Susanne Grahn

Susanne paints colorful, large works of art but still earthy muted/soft tones in harmony. She draws inspiration from nature, environments, and encounters in everyday life.

Susanne Grahn is a self-taught artist raised in a village outside Luleå in Norrbotten. Now living in Åkersberga with a background in the travel industry. Her artistic journey began when life changed drastically after a horse accident almost 30 years ago. Susanne’s longing to live out her creativity began to take shape through various art courses and training in painting, and her artistic expression is mainly characterized by the abstract.

“Most often I get a feeling that I want to convey, which I do in the choice of colors and different shapes in my painting. I want to convey a feeling in my paintings that causes the viewer to be swept along and convey warmth and joy, says the artist. For me, it is a great happiness that everyone can see their own interpretation in my artwork.” Susanne Grahn.