SoHo Art Shop

Permanent Exhibition space for creators

Our Home Artists

Anders Nilsson
Anders Borgenhag Holmqvist
Annika Borgenhag Holmqvist
Amdador Montes
Åsa Fällgren
Christine Halloff
Christer Sjöberg
Christer Törnkvist
GABriela LAgo
(Artwork by Gabriela Lago)
Karin Mona TÖrnkvist
Madhvee deb
Michael Nilsson Ström
MArgareta skogsberg
Ruxandra Cretu
(Harmony by CC)
Soheil naderi
Stefan Edqvist
Stefan Strindberg

SoHo Art Shop

Our shop offers the  buyers an innovative approach to leave the mass-produced and choose unique, environmental -friendly and ethically made  products and by choosing these handmade products from the local artisans helps the continuing and survival of the traditional local handicrafts and encouraging new contemporary movement to appear. also, photographers, artists and designers use the space as permanent space to exhibit their works

Our Shop in located in Stora gatan 18, Västerås