Siegfried Bausch

Siegfried Bausch’s artistic journey spans various locations and phases, all contributing to his unique approach to art.

For Siegfried, art has always been an essential complement to his engineering background. After retirement, art became a primary focus, exploring themes initially through representational oil paintings, transitioning to abstract acrylic works. He draws inspiration from contemporary works, textual information, and societal contradictions.

Siegfried’s work is a fusion of experimentation, critique, and a touch of playfulness, reflecting the diverse phases and influences in his artistic journey.

Life and Places
Born in Winsen/Luhe in 1948, he has lived and developed his art in different cities, including Braunschweig, Essen, Bochum, and more. Currently residing in Groß Grönau since 2007.

Artistic Development
Self-taught with a passion for art, mathematics, and languages, he initially explored oil paintings, linocuts, and poetry. Although his academic path led to civil engineering, he continued to appreciate and practice art throughout his life.

Formative Influences
Admiring artists like Schmidt-Rotluff, Nolde, Monet, and more, Siegfried’s work evolved into exploring diverse oil paintings, incorporating stripes, and skewed shapes.

Educational Pursuits
Over the years, he engaged in various art courses, including sculpting and acrylic painting, further enriching his creative expression and technique.

Siegfried has exhibited his artwork in multiple locations, including local galleries, health centers, and community exhibitions, showcasing a versatile range of styles and themes.