Régis Gonçalves Minas Gerais – Brazil
Lives and work in Amsterdam
Media: Paintings and Textiles
Statement / Reason for Manking Art
An artwork encapsulates emotions. The art piece conveys visible and invisible elements in my mind during the making process.
The artwork results from a research study of a particular subject that I want to discuss, be it historical, incidental, personal, local, global, or environmental issues.
2013-2015: M.A., Artistic Research, UvA-Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam
2007 – 2010: B.A., Fine Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
2015-2017: Chef de Cuisine ROC Amsterdam
2017-2018: Residency: Morro do Capacete, Brasil. Project mondriaanfonds
2023: teaching skill training, Flux Zaamdam
2022-2023: CNO Purmered- refugee centre
2023- 2024: Cultuurhuis Wherelant, Purmerend
First Prize in the Worldwide art competition “Inspired by Rembrandt” organized by the
WereldOmroep, the Netherlands, December 2006.

Selected exhibitions:
Solo Exhibition:
2022, Adventurous Times on the Island of Good Fortune, Arti & Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL)
2021, Café Noir, Arti & Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL)
2020, (Dis) Guise, Podium Mozaiek, Amsterdam (NL)
2019, (Dis)Guise, WGKunst, Amsterdam (NL)
2018, Blueprint Brazil II, WGKunst, Amsterdam (NL)
2017, Blueprint Brazil, Almere Hospital, Almere (NL)
2016, Blue Boomerang, WGKunst, Amsterdam (NL)
2015, Blue Longing, WGKunst, Amsterdam (NL)
2015, Kunsttraject Amsterdam West (NL)
2014, Taj Devi Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
2014, KunstSchouw, Zeeland (NL).
2014, Sandpoort (NL)
2013, SMBA, Amsterdam (NL).
2013, Openbare Bibliotheek/West, Amsterdam (NL).
2013, BotecoLucio, Amsterdam (NL).
2012, Mozaiek, Amsterdam (NL).
2012, Gallery 244, Amsterdam (NL).
2012, Wies Willemsem Gallery, Amsterdam (NL).
2012, Rumite, Amsterdam (NL).
2011, Ruimte, Amsterdam (NL).
2011, Wies Willemsem Gallery, Amsterdam (NL).
2010, Galeria Colorida, Lisbon (Portugal).
2008, Grosvenor House, Dubai (UAE)
2007, Usicultura, Ipatinga (Brazil).
2007, Grosvenor House, Dubai (UAE).
2006, Ivy’s, Accra (Ghana).

Group Exhibition:
2004-2005-2006, Art Centre Accra (Ghana).
2005-2006, French Embassy Accra (Ghana).
2006, The Netherlands Embassy Accra (Ghana).
2006-2007-2008, Art Centre Dubai (UAE).
2008, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam (NL).

The Conscious Cook: Towards a Healthy and Sustainable Cuisine – ISBN 978-90-817007-8-8, 2020
(Dis)Guise – ISBN 978-90-817007-7-1, 2019 Amsterdam.
The hidden World of Régis Gonçalves – ISBN 978-9081-7007-2-6 , 2014 Amsterdam.
Blue Longing – ISBN 978-90-817007-3-3, 2015 Amsterdam.
Blueprint Brazil – ISBN 978-90-817007-6-4 , 2017 Amsterdam.
Private Collection
KNMG, Utrecht – The Netherlands
LHV, Utrecht – The Netherlands
Brazilian Embassy, Den Hague – The Netherlands
General Brazilian Consulate, Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Rechtbank Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Brazil Honorary Consulate , Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Flevo Zikenhuis, Almere – the Netherlands