Zaher Husseini

Painter, Stockholm, Sweden

Born in 1979 in Kurdistan, my artistic journey has been an inspiring path from the Fine Art School in Suleymani to the prestigious Konstfack in Stockholm. With a solid background as an art educator from Konstfack, I have specialized in visual arts, design, and media, enriching both my teaching and my own artistic development. Artist Statement: Through my art, I strive to explore deep and multifaceted themes related to human experience and emotional complexity. Starting with realistic art, a technique I acquired during my early education, I have developed a versatile artistic voice. I use a variety of media to fully express my thoughts and feelings. For me, art is not just a form of expression; it is a powerful communication tool that enables profound and meaningful dialogues with the viewer. Through my art, I aim to create a platform where I can explore and express my inner worlds and emotions, inspiring others to do the same. My passion for art has not only led me to hold my own prominent exhibitions but also to participate in many collective art exhibitions both in Sweden and internationally.

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