Kerstin Viktoria Krusell

The foundation for my work is the fascination and enchantment of the colour universe. The colour tradition from Renaissance paintings to Fauvism and Expressionism is clearly my most significant reference. A great interest for the old Chinese artifacts has followed me through many years. This is another ground for my inspiration. I admire and study especially the ceramic horses from the Han period, Tang period, and the paper-thin bowls from the Song period. Looking at all those beautiful things I humbly realize my lack of knowledge concerning the circumstances in Chinese culture tradition and religion. CHEVAL IMAGINaire THE IMAGINARY HORSE My intention is not to reproduce or copy historic artifacts. The fascination of old chinese horses has in some way emerged in to my paintings as figures that reflect a powerful language in forms and appearance. My horse figures receive their special character and it makes them actors in a picture scenario, in a short novel or play in my sphere, that reflects love and compassion, drama or solitude. The resemblance with human behaviors and feelings is much more intentional. The bowls in the paintings are symbols for me as reflections of hope, dreams, and poetry. In all my works you will find a dialog in movement and colour, a middle ground for the unspoken language between philosophical and aesthetic discourse. My imaginary horses are, keepers of the most precious things, in the playroom, that garden of fairytales from distance.

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