Claire Burnham

Painter, British Colombia, Canada

Born and raised in the Nicola Valley region of British Columbia, Canada, Claire had the fortunate opportunity to not only navigate her artistic passion throughout her childhood into adulthood, but do so in one of the most beautiful and varied landscapes in the country. Though she attended art classes in highshool and one post graduate year in fine arts, majority of her practise is self taught. After many years of experimenting with different mediums, Claire works primarily in oils on stretched canvas. When she's not working her office job or painting in the studio, she's exploring her favourite landscapes taking photos and completing sketches and plen air studies. I find endless inspiration in the volcanically decorated icebergs of Iceland and the exquisite colours of the bare Rockies. I grew up in the Thompson Nicola region of the B.C interior in Canada. While some of my works are based off real locations, some are purely invented; inspired by imaginative shapes from dreams and memory. In love with alpine and glacial landscapes, my work aims primarily on capturing the essence of such subjects. As much as the outlook on glaciers is saturated in the reality of climate change, I pursue my work to rather remind us of the beauty and strength of the ancient ice. My latest works representing the raw earth of the Icelandic landscapes reside with the bare, fresh feeling I feel when I visit the country. The delicate flora, the immense power of the volcanic evidence, and glaciers spilling down from the gentle mountains make for a delicious recipe of muses.

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