oliver lunn

Oliver Lunn

Oliver Lunn is a London-based artist. He works in mixed media collage, using found materials that are charged with history. Lunn approaches his collages as if they were paintings; he embraces mishaps, marks, and stains. He employs soft colors and faint imagery that aren’t always visible at first glance, with quiet details lurking in the background. For Lunn, the combination of ghostly marks with a muted palette expresses feelings of sadness, sensitivity, and softness.

In these pieces, Lunn is intrigued by the idea of creating subtle marks from erasure and subtraction. He tears off fragments and considers the traces they leave behind. He works into the surface as if it were an old wall, strewn with curious marks and graffiti. He’s interested in the poetry of every day, the beauty of all the overlooked details, and the suggestion of history through delicate fragments. 

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